Directorate of Cadet Programs

Montana Wing Civil Air Patrol


a message from the Director…


Ch, Lt Col John F. Reutemann III, CAP


As the Director of Cadet Programs for Montana Wing, my staff and I believe that the role of the wing is to support the squadrons, which is where the Cadet Program is lived out on a weekly – if not daily – basis.  We therefore make ourselves available to squadron commanders, deputy commanders for cadets, and cadet commanders, for either consultation via phone or email, or for in-person squadron visitation, as our schedules allow.


The MTWG Cadet Programs Directorate further supports the squadrons through two wing-level programs:  the Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) and the College for Specialized Training and Reinforcement (CSTAR).  In both of these programs, we strive to live out the motto “for cadets, by cadets,” hence the fact that both of these programs are run entirely by cadets who serve on the wing staff as an additional duty while keeping their membership with their respective home squadrons.  Please check out the links below to see what our wing’s cadet staff is up to!


For information about our wing’s Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) or our nationally-recognized College for Specialized Training and Reinforcement (CSTAR), please click on the links below:


CAC              CSTAR


Any questions, comments, or concerns about MTWG’s Cadet Programs shop can be directed to the Director at  The Director’s official biography is available here.