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Big Sky Encampment 2022

Big Sky Encampment 2022

Montana Wing

Fort Harrison -  Helena, MT

Planning in progress, updates to follow, disregard all information below.


Encampment applications are open for cadet basics! Below is a link to the google form that cadets need to fill out. Invoices will be sent out via Paypal to the invoice email in the google form. The cost is $280. We will follow up with each cadet applicant individually. All new cadets should attend an encampment as a "Basic" during their first year of CAP. It is an important part of cadet life. Cadets who have attended before and wish to attend again for a new and different experience are encouraged to sign up but may not be accepted due to an influx of new members and the limited number of beds.

Basics report to Fort Harrison on 25 June no earlier than 1300 and no later than 1430, Staff report on the evening of June 22rd and depart on 2rd July.

Commander's signature and a CAP witness to one of the parent's signatures are required on the CAPF 60-81 for each cadet and there is an upload spot in the below google form for that document. Talk to your squadron commanders about any information you may need for the form.


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Financial Assistance

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program provides funding for cadet families who have potential issues affording the cost of encampment either due to the direct cost, additional uniform cost, and/or because multiple cadets are attending from one family.

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