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Montana Wing Staff Roster

Updated 08 May 2021

Duty Position Member Rank Email Address
Commander Spencer Gilchrist Col
Vice Commander Matthew Bolin Capt
Chief of Staff Billy Jackson Maj
Inspector General Merle Starr Col
Director of Safety David Furniss MSgt
- Asst. Dir. of Safety Greg Brainerd Capt
Government Relations Adviser Spencer Gilchrist Col
Legal Officer Vacant    
Command NCO Vacant    
Advisor to the Commander Frank Fantino Lt Col Xchiefff@Centurytel.Net
Chaplain David Knight Ch, Maj
CISM Officer Laura Furniss Maj Laura.Furniss@Mtwg.Cap.Gov
Director of Administration Vacant    
- Personnel Officer Erik Eichner Capt Eichner5247@Gmail.Com
Director of Aerospace Education Paul Munson Maj
- Asst. Dir of Aerospace Ed.  Greg Brainerd Capt
Director of Cadet Programs Maureen Rickard Capt Maureenrickard38@Gmail.Com
Drug Demand Reduction Admin. David Larson 1st Lt
Director of Communications Spencer Gilchrist Col
- Asst. Dir. of Communications Colin Crase 1st Lt
- Asst. Dir.of Communications Del Schneider Maj
- Communications Training Officer Del Schneider Maj
Director of Emergency Services Erik Eichner Capt Eichner5247@Gmail.Com
- Emergency Services Training Officer Daniel Dorsett 1st Lt
Director of Finance Matthew Bolin Capt
Director of IT Greg Warhank 2d Lt gregory.warhankl@Mtwg.Cap.Gov
- Asst. Director of IT Michael Stone Capt
- Asst. Director of IT Rob Ball Capt
- Web Security Administrator Rob Ball Capt
- Webmaster Vacant    
Director of Logistics Christopher Meier 1st Lt
- Asst. Dir. of Logistics Pete Graf Lt Col
- Asst. Dir. of Logistics Pete Schmidt Maj
- Asst. Dir. of Logistics Edward Brooks TSgt Dreams2life@Gmail.Com
- Maintenance Officer Greg Brainerd Capt
--- Asst. Maintenance Officer Walter McIntosh 2d Lt Pwrwgnwalt@Gmail.Com
--- Asst. Maintenance Officer J. R. Chapman 1st Lt Jrchapman1@Bresnan.Net
--- Asst. Maintenance Officer Tom Stanton 2d Lt Tstanton68@Hotmail.Com
--- Asst. Maintenance Officer Adam Davis 2d Lt Adamgd@Live.Com
--- Asst. Maintenance Officer David Driscoll 1st Lt Ddriscoll912@Gmail.Com
- Transportation Officer Maureen Rickard Capt
Director of Operations Pete Graf Lt Col
- Standardization/Evaluation Officer Pete Graf Lt Col
Director of Professional Development Chuck Statum Lt Col Chuck49@Bresnan.Net
- Testing Officer Chuck Statum Lt Col
Director of Recruiting & Retention Maureen Rickard Capt Maureenrickard38@Gmail.Com
Health Services Officer Vacant    
Historian Vacant    
Homeland Security Officer Michael Emett CMSgt Msemett610@Gmail.Com
Personnel Officer Vacant    
Plans and Programs Officer Vacant    
Public Affairs Officer Al Nash Lt Col
Director of Safety Dave Furniss  MSgt
- Asst. Director of Safety Greg Brainerd Capt

Unit Commanders

Commander, MT008 Billings Philip Schmidt Capt Philip.Schmidt@Mtwg.Cap.Gov
Commander, MT012 Great Falls Bethany Lenell Lt Col
Commander, MT018 Missoula James Meixner Capt Jim.Meixner@Mtwg.Cap.Gov
Commander, MT031 Butte Erik Eichner Capt
Commander, MT037 Bozeman Austin Troth Capt
Commander, MT053 Kalispell Dan Dorsett 1st Lt
Commander, MT057 Lewistown Dan Bradley  SM
Commander, MT060 Helena Christopher Meier 1st Lt
Commander, MT999 Legislative Sqn. Carl Koeber Col Carl.Koeber@Mtwg.Cap.Gov


Montana Wing Committees

Finance Committee
Position Member Rank
Chair Spencer R. Gilchrist Col
Member Carl M. Koeber Col
Member Frank J. Fantino Lt Col
Member Billy W. Jackson Maj
Member Matthew Bolin Capt


Promotion Review Board
Position Member Rank
Chair Bill Bowden Lt Col
Member Bob Radcliffe Col
Member Chaya Semple Lt Col
Member Michael Scott Emett CMSgt


Awards Committee
Position Member Rank
Chair Erik EichnerCapt  
Member Maureen L Rickard Capt
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